Invitation cards for wedding – how to make a good choice?


Wedding planning starts well before this unique day. One of the first steps is usually the choice of invitation cards. There are many beautiful designs, so sometimes it’s hard to make a decision! What are the most popular motifs and how to charm the recipients?

Classic or modern?
What colour comes to our mind when talking about wedding, is white, eventually ecru. They are usually covered with flower ornaments or tied with elegant ribbon. Simply classic, for a couple that dreams about traditional ceremony. Invitations cards for wedding dublin look very good in the company of gold letters, and other soft colours,

There are also invitation cards for the couples, that think about something more original. Why to not choose contrasting colours? For example combination of white and red gives very romantic and expressive effect. If you want something modern, don’t be afraid of black or simple forms.

The decision that you make depends on what impression do you want to achieve: sophisticated or royal? Modern or sentimental? Serious or cheerful? Retro or futuristic? The choice belongs to you!

Invitation cards can be made in very different ways. From smooth, glossy paper to laser cut. The second one is very popular and some designs are really complex and even handmade. Very important is also the kind of paper, which should be matched to the concept of your wedding.

For creative couples
Have your own, crazy idea for invitations cards for wedding dublin? You can make your own design and print it in the printing house. It makes you sure, that invitations for your wedding are truly unique and creative.

The most important – what’s inside
You need to remember, that even the most beautiful design means nothing, if the substance is messy. Invitations need to be clear and legible. Your guests should be well informed about date and place of wedding. Make sure, that the names of recipients are written correctly. Stay calm and remember: wedding preparations should make you happy, not stressful!